Spin to Play PDF baby quilt pattern

Spin to Play PDF baby quilt pattern


Take your chances with this little quilt and spin up some fun! Complete with a moving spinner in the quilt's centre, it is an ideal quilt for play, for a picnic … or for a nap!

The quilt is made using eight pre-printed picture panels. A ninth central panel features applique and a rotating spinner.

Quilt size: approximately 53” x 57” (135cm x 145cm) 
Panel size: approximately 10” x 11” (25cm x 28cm) 
Please note that the exact dimensions of the quilt depend on the size of your chosen picture panels.

The pattern includes: 

  • List of fabric requirements

  • Detailed cutting, layout and assembly instructions and diagrams

  • Helpful tips throughout

  • Binding instructions

This pattern is an 15-page 2 MB downloadable and printable PDF document. There are additional photos of this project at this post and this post.

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