Paper Kites and rain ... so much rain

My find for this week is a gorgeous song called 'Bloom' (!) by The Paper Kites, an up-and-coming Indie band out of Melbourne.

If you enjoyed that one, then try 'Featherstone' - sweet film clip; watch it to the end!

And if you love them as much as I do, both songs are able to be downloaded free from this page @ Triple J Unearthed.

This music is soothing my mood today. Easy, sweet, comforting and a tad melancholy. The rain clouds are building again outside, casting a grey impending gloom. We have had SO MUCH rain. The crops are a disaster. Trying not to think about it. 

My roses have been blown to the ground in the wind and rain, so I have been collecting them up, trimming the spent blooms and coercing the buds to open. These are the lovely David Austin, 'Strawberry Hill'. 

I am pattern writing today and hope to be back later today with photos of my 'Strawberry Fields' quilt and a shop update. 

Bloom x