I dusted off some beautiful old bamboo knitting needles recently to make myself a soft, winter white scarf.

The pattern is called 'Lacy Waves Scarf' and is free from

The Running Yarn

. You can find it


. It is a very simple but pretty design. I knitted mine with a cotton bamboo blend yarn, so it is nice & soft and not at all 'scratchy'.

It seems somehow appropriate to be blogging about knitting today. Sadly, my Grandma passed away last week at the grand old age of 89. She was an avid knitter. She taught my Mum, who in turn taught me. Perhaps my perfectionist tendencies started way back with her - she was forever unpulling her knitting as it was 'never quite right', too tight, too loose, too wavy! I'm sure for every stitch she knitted she must have unpulled ten. So I will think of her now whenever I wrap this scarf snugly around my neck. And yes, I did unpull it at one point!!