Linen treasures

I mentioned I did a little op shopping with friends yesterday & happened across a 'Linen & Lace' sale. I asked my friends before we entered the shop to hold me accountable & stop (I say, STOP) me from buying any more stuff for my home. Having just moved house, "I do not need more stuff", I said, emphatically! Yeah, yeah, you know where we're heading ... here are my treasures:


Beautiful handstitched guest towels, six crisp, white, linen napkins with hand crocheted edges & metres of vintage braid, all purchased for next to nothing.

I ease the guilt I feel in paying so little for things so painstakingly crafted by women of yesteryear by telling myself that they will be lovingly cared for & appreciated in my hands.

All in all, I think I was quite restrained in my purchasing considering, but it will be all I can do not to visit the shop again today & see what other treasure I can unearth!