Short & sweet #2

Yes, well my short & sweet idea worked well, didn't it?! I will persevere. The undisputed highlight of this year's musical production was our youngest daughter being cast in one of the major roles.

This is the same 12-year-old girl who was so desperately sick for six months last year. She is much improved this year, but still has an occasional bout of headache and stomach pain. 

So it was a significant personal achievement for her to manage a major dramatic role. And manage she did! 

I sat in the audience, quietly astonished at her ability. A daughter of mine on the stage? Who'd have thought! She seemed born to it.

So very proud of her. We are not out of the woods with her health concerns as she has lost a lot of weight and is struggling with her appetite. But her performance in the musical has been a wonderfully positive experience for her.

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